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Energy bars & Flapjacks
Energy bars & Flapjacks

Energy bars & Flapjacks are nutritionally balanced energy bars suitable as quick way to supplement energy after training or during demanding days. Energy bars are mainly produced in RAW version and contain ingredients that are great source of energy such as oatflakes, nuts or various seeds. Flapjacks are tasty bars containing cereals, oatflakes and other high-energy nutrients so they can be classified as energy bars by their characteristic. These are easy solution to effective your performance at athletic events, in gym or during cardio training. Energy bars and flapjacks are therefore healthier alternative to various energy supplements full of sugar that are often offered to athletes to boost their performance.

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  1. FlapJack bar 100 g - Nutrend
    100% (3)
    Special Price   €1.20
  2. Low Sugar Flapjack - Oatein
    0% (0)
    Special Price   €1.55
  3. Raw energy bar 50g - BOMBUS
    100% (1)
    Special Price   €0.95
  4. Flapjack Gluten Free Bar 100 g - TOMM´S
    100% (2)
    Special Price   €1.10
  5. All Natural Oatcake 80 g - All Stars
    86% (8)
    Special Price   €1.95

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